Empowering Voices: Dilworth’s Women Leaders Illuminate Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

During Women’s History Month, Dilworth proudly celebrates the strength, leadership, and accomplishments of the remarkable women in the firm. Explore their inspiring narratives and insights into Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.


Kristen Behrens Kristen Behrens

"As the first female co-managing partner in the 90 year history of our law firm, advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion is deeply important and a powerful way to enact positive change within the law firm. Through my role in management and the Dilworth Women’s group, I strive to create an inclusive and equitable workplace where all members of the firm can thrive and contribute to the firm’s success in making a meaningful difference in the lives of our colleagues and the broader legal community."

Lara Bolte Lara Bolte

"To me, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the workplace means fostering a workplace environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and included. It also means a commitment to addressing systemic inequalities and promoting equal opportunities for all. Although my life's journey and lived experiences may be different, I am genuinely passionate about learning and connecting on a deeper level to understand and appreciate other's experiences."

Rosemary Loverdi

"I served on the board of CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Greater Philadelphia for seven years, including one term as President. The mission of CREW Greater Philadelphia is “to influence the inclusion and achievement of women in the industry”, through building relationships and support in the commercial real estate industry, which has typically been a predominantly male industry. My experience with this organization provided tools to help me gain confidence in seeking out leadership opportunities both in and outside of the law firm."

Victoria Reider Victoria Reider

"In advocating for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion I have been honored in my many years in public service to be one of only several women appointed by the Governor to serve as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Banking overseeing the PA Department of Banking and Securities and the commonwealth’s regulated financial entities; More recently in 2024 I was appointed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as only the second and first woman Chairman of the Court’s Investment Advisory Board overseeing the financial decisions and investment portfolio for the Court’s four attorney licensing, disciplinary, educational and client security funds. As to Dilworth, it has been my experience that the firm is most supportive of women and minorities going back to its origin and history to bring in minority, Jewish and women attorneys years before many other regional New York and Philadelphia firms. The relatively recent Women’s Leadership Group chaired by Rosemary Loverdi is a great resource for networking and bringing new associates and attorneys in satellite offices together cohesively to share developments and new ideas."