Dilworth Paxson embraces the simple notion that delivering superb service to our clients means hiring, cultivating and retaining superb lawyers. To that end, Dilworth’s mentoring program provides each of our associates with direct access to seasoned attorneys to enhance their skills to excel as practitioners, and support and encourage them to advance on the path to a satisfying, rewarding career.

Conceived in collaboration among our Associate Development Committee, Diversity Committee and Firm Management Team, the mission of Dilworth’s mentoring program is to actively promote associates’ professional growth and organizational dedication by providing meaningful guidance, feedback and shared accountability for setting and achieving clearly defined goals.

Upon arrival at the firm, whether as-a new associate or a lateral hire, each associate is paired with an individual mentor from among our partnership ranks. Together, mentor and mentee formulate a set of at least three substantive professional development goals to be achieved over the course of the ensuing year.

In addition to scheduled quarterly meetings to assess progress toward his or her mentee’s goals, each mentor facilitates networking opportunities, civic board placements and other professional extracurricular activities that reflect and enhance the mentee’s particular interests and strengths. Perhaps most importantly, Dilworth’s mentors serve as confidants, making themselves available to their mentees for advice on client service, career advancement, and navigating the political and cultural landscape of a dynamic, 21st Century law firm.

A distinguishing characteristic of Dilworth’s mentoring program is the role played by the Firm Management Team. Members of the Team serve as “senior mentors,” whose years of experience have given them special insight into what it takes to be a successful lawyer over the long run.

Twice a year, our senior mentors meet with mentees on an individual basis to review the mentees’ annual professional development goals, to field candid questions, and to offer strategic advice on how best to set the trajectory of their careers. Senior mentors also hold regular roundtable discussions with all Dilworth associates, covering everything from maintaining work-life balance, to developing a diversified book of business, to implementing innovative fee structures responsive to changing client imperatives.

Dilworth’s multi-tiered approach to mentoring reinforces the firm’s collegial, interdisciplinary culture at all levels of experience and seniority, and marshals our individual talents toward a collective goal of providing expert and excellent client service.