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Dilworth offers sophisticated, integrated, and cost-effective counsel covering the unique and varied needs and challenges faced by academic institutions and education-related service providers and investors throughout the education industry. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience and serve a wide range of clients involved in education, including private and public colleges and universities, public and private primary and secondary schools and charter schools, governing bodies and boards of trustees, academic medical centers, endowment funds, for-profit educational program providers, special education and related services, research organizations, investors in educational technology, and other entities in the industry.

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of education law and collaborate across practices within the firm to bring our education industry clients comprehensive legal services.  As such, we are uniquely positioned to address the varied and increasingly complex needs of educational institutions.  We are knowledgeable about and experienced in US federal, state, and local regulatory compliance and concerns and rely on this knowledge and experience in providing advice and guidance. We have successfully litigated educational matters in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels.


  • COVID-19 impact, response, and planning
  • Workforce changes and other employment and employee benefits counseling
  • Defense of Class Action Claims
  • Crisis management, including matters related to college admissions practices, #metoo, and racial injustice
  • Special Education matters
  • Diversity and inclusion and Title IX issues
  • Labor negotiations
  • Investment matters
  • Business transactions, tax, and governance
  • Real estate transactions
  • Evolving legal landscape
  • Financing, including tax-exempt, project finance and P3 structures
  • 501(c)(3) and non-profit compliance

For more information, please contact Marjorie McMahon Obod, Skye Nickalls, Danielle Goebel, Ben Teris, Claire Ghormoz, Jessica Titler-Lingle,  or any of the practice members referenced in the attorney listing.

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Group Chairs

Marjorie McMahon Obod
Direct  (215) 575-7015
Philadelphia, PA

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