Dilworth’s Startups & Emerging Businesses practice offers creative and customizable representation for new companies and startups, from seed stage to maturity. Located in close proximity to many elite universities and tech institutes, our attorneys are well-connected within the East Coast’s burgeoning startup scene, priming clients for success from the beginning.

Interdisciplinary Approach

We serve clients in many industries, including software licensing (SaaS), biotechnology, telecommunications, FinTech, manufacturing, and digital media. Combined with years of experience, the broad range of representation gives our attorneys a unique understanding of the hyperkinetic nature of startups—and the foresight to anticipate and avert potential road bumps before they occur.

Dilworth offers an interdisciplinary approach to client representation, including attorneys with expertise in the following areas:

·        Business governance

·        Corporate Law

·        Securities Law

·        Tax Law

·        Finance & Banking

·        Software Licensing

·        Labor & Employment

·        Employee Benefits

·        Litigation

·        Real Estate

·        Mergers & Acquisitions

·        Business governance