Dilworth Paxson’s lawyers help media clients confront some of the most challenging issues of the day. The firm has represented print and broadcast media companies, film production companies, music companies, technology companies and other “new” media companies, and individual members of the media, including screenwriters, authors, performers, reporters, columnists, editors and publishers. We handle litigation (including libel), corporate transactions, licensing deals, bankruptcy, employment disputes, and other legal challenges. Our broad experience in media matters cuts across our practice groups and offices and allows the firm to handle matters affecting media companies effectively and efficiently.

Dilworth Paxson’s transactional lawyers have handled a wide variety of matters for media companies, including corporate acquisitions, acquisition of copyright and trademark rights, licensing deals, employment agreements, agency agreements, distributorship agreements, and other matters. Our lawyers have represented media companies in significant corporate acquisitions. For example, Dilworth Paxson served as counsel to Philadelphia Media Holdings, LLC in its acquisition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and philly.com from McClatchy newspapers. In addition, the firm’s lawyers have represented corporate clients in content licensing deals and have handled website development, privacy statements and terms of use for internet-based media clients. The firm’s lawyers have also represented clients in the negotiation of publishing agreements, employment agreements, agency agreements, option agreements, and similar matters.

Dilworth Paxson’s litigators also have a great deal of experience representing media companies on all types of matters, from First Amendment-related issues to commercial contract matters. The firm has represented several media clients, including Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News, in defamation, privacy, and other tort cases. In addition, our litigators have handled a variety of other First Amendment-related litigation, including matters implicating reporters “shield” laws and a reporter’s privilege against discovery, defending subpoenas seeking public access to court filings and other governmental information or documents, and in matters arising under the Freedom of Information Act and related state laws. The firm’s litigators have also represented both corporate clients and individuals in employment disputes, in court and arbitration, as well as through other alternative-dispute-resolution processes. We also provide employment counseling to several media companies. Moreover, the firm’s lawyers represent media companies in commercial contract disputes arising out of licensing agreements and other matters.

Dilworth Paxson’s bankruptcy lawyers also have a great deal of experience handling the unique issues that are presented when a media company seeks bankruptcy protection. Dilworth Paxson serves as Debtor’s counsel to Philadelphia Newspapers LLC. In that capacity, our lawyers won a significant victory before the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit relating to credit bidding in bankruptcy proceedings. In addition, the firm has recently served as trustee’s counsel in a bankruptcy reorganization of a radio broadcasting company. In both proceedings, our lawyers confronted many of the complicated issues presented by the bankruptcy of a media company, including the interaction of the First Amendment and the Bankruptcy Code and the difficult regulatory questions created by the bankruptcy of a company regulated by the Federal Communications Commission.