Plaintiffs’ Rights

The Plaintiffs’ Rights Practice Group at Dilworth Paxson represents plaintiffs in intellectual property disputes, class actions (related to antitrust, securities, and consumer protection), qui tam (whistleblower) litigation, wage and hour litigation, and representation of bankruptcy trustees. The representation of plaintiffs may be as primary counsel, co-counsel, or referring counsel. The Plaintiffs’ Rights Practice Group allows the Firm to leverage its experienced and proficient litigation attorneys and its network of contacts to obtain recoveries for injured parties. Dilworth’s work on behalf of injured plaintiffs dates back to Harold Kohn, who pioneered the modern-day class action lawsuit. 

Representative Matters

  • Co-counsel in a consumer antitrust litigation against 1-800 Contacts and other market participants, which litigation resulted in a $40 million settlement and changes to the business practices of defendants.
  • Co-lead class counsel in a consumer class action against the Progressive Insurance entities derived from the unlawful issuance of health-first personal injury protection (PIP) policies to individuals covered by Medicare and Medicaid. The lawsuit resulted in a settlement of roughly $2.5 million, together with injunctive relief requiring changes to the business practices of defendants.
  • Representing the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia District Attorney and Allegheny County District Attorney in litigation against manufacturers, distributors and dispensers of opioids alleged to have engaged in the deceptive marketing of opioids and failure to comply with their obligations under the controlled substances acts.
  • Representing the City of Philadelphia in litigation against JUUL for the alleged illegal and improper sale of e-cigarette products to minors and seeking injunctive relief to help address and resolve the vaping epidemic among Philadelphia’s youth. 
  • Representing multiple district attorneys, counties and local governments in litigation against the manufacturers of Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) containing PFAS “forever chemicals.”
  • Co-lead counsel in a consumer class action against Caviar, Inc. for overcharging restaurants commissions on the sale of food misappropriation of commissions from restaurants by misrepresenting its contract rates and practices.
  • Class counsel in a consumer class action against Grubhub Holdings, Inc. for misappropriating commissions from restaurants under the guise that these were legitimate commissions generated through the Grubhub platform.
  • Co-lead counsel in a nationwide qui tam action against PharMerica on behalf of the United States and 26 States, for falsely billing Medicare, Medicaid and other government-sponsored medical programs for medication dispensed without a legal, valid prescription stemming from Pharmerica’s alleged alterations of prescriptions without a prescriber’s consent.
  • Co-counsel in a nationwide investor class action against GPB Capital Holdings, LLC and its affiliates seeking relief for harm caused by a $1.8 billion Ponzi scheme.  
  • Representing Facebook stockholders in derivative suit in the Delaware Court of Chancery against Zuckerberg, Sandberg and other corporate directors and officers for their roles in the misappropriation and illegal sharing of personal Facebook user data.
  • Represented common stockholders of once-public Delaware company Harbor Diversified Inc. that had gone completely dark on its commons stockholders in an action under Sections 211 and 220 of the Delaware General Corporation Law, and secured an annual meeting after 8 years of non-compliance, secured corporate benefits and material disclosures and led the registration campaign that caused Harbor to resume public SEC filings after eight years of silence.
  • Represented investors in a matter brought by receiver of Oregon company Aequitas Management LLC, seeking repayment under “net winner” liability theory.
  • Represented members in a closely-held Delaware limited liability company in connection with a contested dissolution and final distributions.
  • Representing former students of a parochial school located in New York State alleging to have been sexually abused by a former employee with a history of prior abuses.
  • Representing various individuals in matters involving catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, and medical malpractice throughout the Tri-State area.
  • Representing Chapter 7 and 11 Trustees in Delaware and New Jersey bankruptcy proceedings including contested matters and associated litigation.
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Group Chairs

Jerry R. DeSiderato
Direct  (215) 575-7290
Philadelphia, PA
Catherine Pratsinakis
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