Dilworth Paxson LLP has been made aware of allegations that a former short-term, part-time employee, Mark Daniel Reardon, attended the recent “alt right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia and made a number of offensive social media posts. Reardon does not work for Dilworth. Dilworth terminated his employment as a part-time support staff member in September 2016. Dilworth was not aware of the offensive views attributed to Reardon until after the termination of his employment, when we were alerted by members of the community.

Dilworth prides itself on its long legacy of supporting civil rights and equal justice under the law. Dilworth abhors and denounces any and all discrimination and violence, including membership in or support for any neo-Nazi or white supremacist organization. We are deeply offended by the tweets and other social media comments that have been attributed to Reardon and have demanded that he remove any reference to our law firm from his Facebook page or any other social media account.