In Memoriam: Bruce Kauffman, Former Dilworth Chairman

With great sadness, we remember Bruce W. Kauffman, former Partner and Chairman of Dilworth Paxson, who passed away on November 30, 2021. 

Bruce joined Dilworth upon graduation from Yale Law School in 1958. By 1978, he was the chairman and a named partner (Dilworth Paxson Kalish Levy & Kauffman). He left the firm briefly in 1981 when he was appointed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court by Governor Richard Thornburg and returned at the conclusion of his term two years later. The firm bore his name (Dilworth Paxson Kalish & Kauffman) from his return until he left Dilworth for the final time in 1997 when he was appointed to the federal district court by President Bill Clinton. At the time of his death he was retired and living with his wife Carol.

The firm extends its deepest sympathies to the entire Kauffman family.