Dilworth’s Ajay Raju and James Eisenhower Appeared on 6abc’s Inside Story on January 8

Firm Chairman and CEO Ajay Raju and attorney James Eisenhower appeared on 6abc’s Inside Story on Sunday, January 8. 

Ajay and James were joined by Jan Ting, Professor of Law at Temple University, along with radio talk show host Dom Giordano, to discuss various topics concerning Harrisburg, New Jersey, Delaware, and Washington, D.C.

Subjects that were discussed included the prospective list of candidates to challenge PA Governor Tom Wolf in 2018; New Jersey’s gubernatorial candidates for 2017; Delaware’s Lisa Blunt Rochester, the state’s first African-American and woman to serve in Congress; and the 115th Congress. Additionally, the Philadelphia District Attorney race and the City’s new soda tax were explored by the panel.