Real Estate Repositioning Group

Dilworth Paxson LLP, in response to extraordinary market pressures, is at the forefront of addressing the needs of property owners and lenders seeking to strengthen, shift and reinforce revenue and value related to their business, secured positions and income producing properties.  Dilworth’s unique, multidisciplinary Real Estate Repositioning Team is comprised of seasoned attorneys dedicated to delivering forward-thinking guidance to clients navigating the challenging currents flowing from economic turbulence impact their properties.

This accomplished team is comprised of attorneys always focused on the big picture while attentive to the component pixels. Creative and commercial in approach, with a recognized ability to dissect, negotiate and resolve complexities inherent in real estate matters, our team handles the entire asset lifecycle for our clients from initial acquisition, development, construction, through re-development, leasing or sale, joint venturing, financing, debt restructuring and asset protection. We represent contractors, institutional and private owners and equity investors, financial institutions, REITs and developers in a multitude of transactions with varied asset classes and industry groups involving:

  • Commercial
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Industrial
  • Mixed-Use
  • Multifamily
  • Office
  • Retail

Our interdisciplinary team of real estate, zoning, finance, creditor’s rights and bankruptcy attorneys has the judgment, experience, pragmatism and technical skill needed to facilitate a successful outcome, often comprised of a series of discrete, but inextricably intertwined, components. Dilworth is the one-stop law firm to handle all services related to positioning and re-positioning of real property such as

  • Working with owners of distressed properties to stabilize the asset , including (as necessary) debt restructuring  and Chapter 11 (including subchapter V) proceedings
  • Assisting developers, owners and lenders with  mortgage debt financing
  • Representing lenders with impaired collateral , through work-out, property disposition (through foreclosure or otherwise) and loan sales
  • Helping entrepreneurs with an eye towards repositioning a targeted challenged property ripe for acquisition and development, or in search for an equity partner, or other financing for the project
  • Guiding landowners, buyers, and foreclosing mortgagees through the land use approval process
  • Representing owners and contractors in all aspects of construction agreements and applicable laws for enforcement.
  • Handling real estate tax appeals and assisting with other tax and economic development incentives
  • Representing lenders in gap and permanent financing once an asset has been stabilized
  • Assisting tenants in negotiating lease flexibilities reflecting the present and anticipated realities pertinent to changing work environments and property usage.
  • Representing property owners in tenant restructuring, evictions and other available landlord remedies.

The Dilworth Real Estate Repositioning Team is poised to assist with all legal services relevant for your situation.

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Group Chairs

Harold G. Cohen
Direct  (856) 675-1950
Cherry Hill, NJ
Joseph F. Kessler
Direct  (215) 575-7198
Philadelphia, PA

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