MANNA Welcomes Dilworth Paxson

July 21, 2011

A group of Dilworth Paxson Partners, Associates and Summer Associates recently spent some time volunteering in the MANNA kitchen.

Pictured above (from left to right): Andrew Kim, Kevin Ilsen, Barbara Ilsen, Nan Sato, Fred Hartman, Caelie McCormick, Louis Guard, Dafney Dubuisson and Brandon Shemtob

MANNA, which stands for the Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance, is an organization dedicated to promoting wellness through medically-appropriate nutrition and nutritional counseling for people at acute nutritional risk living in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. To prepare and home-deliver over 70,000 meals per month, MANNA relies on a small professional staff and over 1,500 dedicated volunteers to package and transport the meals. Over the course of the time that was spent there, the Dilworth group packed over 300 brownies and 700 sandwiches.

MANNA is an organization of neighbors helping neighbors. Dilworth Paxson, a Philadelphia neighbor, is proud to lend a hand to this wonderful organization.


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