Philadelphia Real Estate Tax Appeal Deadline Rapidly Approaching

September 24, 2020

The deadline for Philadelphia property owners to file an appeal of their 2021 Real Estate Tax Assessment is October 5, 2020. If you believe your property has been inaccurately assessed, contact us immediately to determine if an appeal is warranted. 

Our attorneys will review the proposed Tax Assessment, your Use & Occupancy taxes and/or your Center City District Assessment to determine what, if any, actions should be taken. If necessary, our attorneys can file an appeal on your behalf with the City of Philadelphia. 

Please note, if you are a new owner or currently under an agreement of sale the deadline for filing may differ.

For further information, please contact Darwin Beauvais, Meredith Ferleger, Joseph Kessler, Rosemary Loverdi, Neil Sklaroff or Michael Tierney.

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