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Tiana Butcher Walters

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1500 Market St., Suite 3500E
Philadelphia, PA 19102
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Kim DelMonte
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Tiana Butcher Walters helps companies expand to new markets; streamline resources; acquire new technologies; and access capital through mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, investments and private placement transactions. She helps clients achieve these goals by assisting with their due diligence review of potential targets; drafting transaction documents; coordinating with regulatory counsel; negotiating the terms of sale; and managing transactions to closing. Tiana also regularly reviews periodic securities filings, negotiates commercial contracts and advises on corporate governance matters (drafting governing documents and managing corporate formalities).

Tiana is passionate about helping companies innovate in their industries as well as in their communities through social entrepreneurship and impact investing. She helps social entrepreneurs bring their mission to the marketplace and access capital to maximize impact.

Representative Experience

  • Represented foreign and domestic energy companies in acquisitions of domestic wind and solar portfolio companies/projects.
  • Represented public media companies in private acquisitions and divestitures of print publications and digital properties.
  • Represented a public media company in negotiations related to joint marketing and affiliation agreements.
  • Represented a Fortune 500 life sciences company in acquisitions of private diagnostic facilities.
  • Represented an individual real estate developer in a $20 million sale of real property.
  • Represented a private equity firm in a series of private investments in public equity (PIPEs).
  • Represented angel investors making seed financing investments in emerging social enterprises.
  • Assisted public company clients by reviewing periodic reports to be filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Forms 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K & Proxy Statements).
  • Represented a start-up company in its Regulation A+ (Tier 2) Offering and related state (blue sky) notice filing obligations.
  • Represented a public company in its private offering of debt securities (under Rule 144A and Regulation S).
  • Represented nonprofit institutions receiving gifts of real property from large public companies.
  • Represented a nonprofit organization raising capital through a multi-state offering of debt securities.
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  • J.D., American University Washington College of Law
  • B.A., George Washington University

Bar Admissions

  • New York
  • District of Columbia