Dilworth Paxson’s lawyers advise both public and private sector clients in financial transactions and other matters related to infrastructure in various sectors including:

  • toll roads and bridges;
  • mass transit systems;
  • public parking facilities;
  • waste-to-energy;
  • water systems;
  • airport facilities;
  • port facilities;
  • hospitals and healthcare facilities;
  • higher education;
  • movie theatres and
  • sports stadiums.

The firm has represented state and local governmental entities, investment banks, commercial banks, developers, and private operators in such matters.

Such financings include public debt offerings, tax-exempt and taxable bond financings, bank loans, letter of credit, swap and derivative transactions. Dilworth Paxson also has advised clients with respect to public procurement, performance guarantees, service agreements, construction and project development, land-use, real estate, litigation and other aspects related to the operation and management of infrastructure projects and systems.

Among other matters, Dilworth Paxson’s lawyers have:

  • Advised clients with respect to tax-exempt bond rules and other debt covenant compliance and structuring issues related to public-private partnership (PPP or P3) proposals relating to transportation and energy.
  • Served in roles of underwriter’s counsel, bond counsel and special counsel for a major toll road system addressing finance, tax and securities law issues including participating in the structuring of a public-public partnership between state-level transportation entities and related tax-exempt and taxable debt offerings related to financing projects and other purposes related to bridges, roads and mass transit.
  • Advised private debtor clients in bankruptcy and post-bankruptcy owners with respect to privately owned/leased and operated port infrastructure.
  • Served as special counsel for a county municipal waste management system for over 25 years, providing advice on waste capture, operational, power purchase and service agreement issues.
  • Served as bond counsel for financing new construction of student housing that is non-recourse to the related university.
  • Advised public sector clients with respect to toll/fare collection procurement and contracts related to major transportation systems. 
  •  Advised a local county improvement authority in connection with the procurement of a design-build contractor to develop a mixed-use parking and retail center. 
  •  Represented the general contractor of a sports stadium construction project in successfully resolving a claim potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars. 
  •  Represented state economic development agency in a lawsuit related to construction of a large-format film theatre, obtaining a full defense verdict at the conclusion of trial.
  • Represented a transit agency in defense of a bid protest involving a multi-million dollar railway completion project.

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